Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni Episode 3

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The plot of hentai is presented to us during a typical thieves ‘ manner – first there’s a full canvas of text from which we must learn the plot, and so everything flows to the same old potrahushki.

Yukari-San could be a single mother. She’s dedicated to her job and hasn’t had a boyfriend during a very long time. She always looks to the longer term and plans her every step. Her neighbor Satoru-kun may be a completely different kind of mind-he is untidy, completely uneducated and never plans anything beforehand, but he’s a true sex predator naturally and doesn’t miss one skirt.

Alternative title: 小さな蕾のその奥に…… ~無垢な指先の悪戯~

Release date: 25-02-2022


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