Cosplay Change Episode 4

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Studio “COME ON 勃 つ 男” have announced their next title for the film adaptation in the form of an OVA anime. This is b-qoon Aka Touri Shizuku’s work entitled “Cosplay Change ~ Pure-kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seiheki ~”. The release is scheduled for late November 2021. Hentai tells the story of a young student Aima, who recently became interested in an anime series about magical girls.

Once she wandered into a sex shop and came across a costume of one of the heroines of her favorite anime, which for some reason was lying right on the floor.

Of course, Ayme wanted to immediately buy a suit, but for some reason she immediately put it on, which caused surprise and admiration for the seller, who had been looking for a model with ideal breast parameters for a long time. The seller quickly got his bearings and offered our heroine a “simple and elegant” way out of this situation …

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