Fella Hame Lips Episode 1

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The popular “Onahoni Honoji” series from the book “Ferahame Lips” has been animated!
Super next-generation humanoid Onaho, Onako is here!

One day, Taro found and purchased a next-generation humanoid Onaho that looked exactly like the older sister next to her longing to play with.
Onaho delivered on the same day is immediately connected to a computer and started, but an error message is displayed …!?
The setup failed. The reset will take at least an hour.
The crotch that has grown into a bun is the limit of patience!
I finally try the unadjusted Naoko Onaho that has not been reset.
However, as expected, the next generation Onaho !!
It feels so good that I shoot it in my mouth!
Too much pleasure in the super next generation Onaho, try many mouth variations and shoot continuously.
And finally to the lower body …
Naoko Onaho, who became unable to adjust, would live with Taro as Onako.


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