Harem Cult Episode 4

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“Harlem Cult 5: If Words Kill People, Part 1”
Akari Hizen, who belongs to the Literature Club, had her favorite man cheated on her one month ago, but her “revenge” was accomplished by a punisher. should have been
However, she was threatened by her physical education teacher Kumada due to the student council’s plot.
The day before, she thought of herself as an object, and even when Kumada’s blade attacked her, she closed her heart.

“Harlem Cult 6: 緘”
Guidance teacher, Ringo Mashiro, will be forced to quit her school.
Furthermore, Tatsumi was detained by the student council.
Continued to be teased by student council president Awano and student council member Hikida, the abomination was exposed in front of the students.

From the original “Harlem Cult side HAREM” “Harlem Cult 5: If words kill people, the first part” “Harlem Cult 6: 緘” recording


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