Konbini Shoujo Z Episode 1

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Konbini Shoujo Z Episode 2

Hentai Konbini Shoujo Z is predicated on the eponymous series of CGI stories from the studio Beelzebub. the discharge is scheduled for the tip of 2021.

The plot takes place during a small shop. it’s managed by our main character and his business is extremely bad – for several years in a very row, the shop is among the highest three within the number of thefts. the most character decides to personally house matters – he establishes contacts with cashiers, installs additional surveillance cameras and arranges internal employees to cross-examine.

Soon he finds potential female thieves – Idol Naki, Lady Yoshimi’s Office and Osaka-san’s Milf. The hero decides to punish them harshly and comes up with a punishment with sex so as to wean the women from stealing forever…

Alt title: コンビニ○○Z 第一話 あなた、地下アイドルですよね。社長に万引きがバレていいんですか?

Release date: 24-12-2021


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