Sei Dorei Gakuen 2 Episode 1

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Women’s Academy St. Orchis was founded in the Edo period by the respected Higashizuma family. Despite the fact that co-education has been practiced in recent years, the Academy has not lost its prestige among the female sex. However, for some time there have been rumors about a certain “Nishikiya Family”, which secretly brings up the best sex slaves for respected politicians and various aristocrats, right on the territory of the educational institution. Academy of Saint Orchis. An old school for girls, founded by the famous “Higashizuma family” in the region.

Although in recent years coeducation has been introduced in it, the prestige of this school is not overshadowed. The daughters of the head of the Higashi family are still listed as directors and the younger daughters are students. Everyone thought that the prosperity of the Higashizuma family, long known as the female family, would not be shaken in the future. But a disturbing shadow creeps into the quiet life of the school. The real name of this shadow is “Nishiki’s family”. It is a growing conglomerate that secretly cultivates sex slaves and has firmly established itself in the political and business world through the profits and personal connections from the sale of whores. The Nishiki family sent a bandit to destroy the Higashizuma family. The name of this bandit is Kuga Comet (Kuga Kei). Although still young, he was a skilled trainer who turned any woman into the best sex slave. Kuga Kei is one of his father’s many illegitimate. His father entrusted him with a mission to sexually enslave the prestigious Azuma family in order to train aristocratic whores.


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