Shishunki no Obenkyou Episode 1

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Shishunki no Obenkyou is a multivolume doujinshi, and only the first part will be animated. And the first chapter of this hentai will show us the plot of the story, about two classmates of Kasuga and her high school friend Kobayashi. The girl developed an irresistible curiosity and a desire to find out what the men look like below, i.e. she wants to see a real member, and is constantly tormented by these thoughts, not knowing what to do.

On the same day, her classmate Kobayashi boasts to her the results of his exam with the maximum score, and the girl matures a simple plan on the go, in response to this she says that she can beat him in her studies, and they make a bet: who will get the worst score on the next exam, he will do whatever the winner wants. When another exam passed and they demonstrated their results to each other, they saw that they had a draw, and therefore it was decided that both of them should fulfill each other’s wish.

The boy, not modestly preparing for anything like this, asks her to give him an eraser, to which, as a desire, Kasuga asks him to show her a member. At first, Kobayashi was very embarrassed, but under the pressure of the girl he surrendered, after long and fascinating studies of each other’s bodies, they had sex, although none of them even realized that it was really him. This is how this romantic and funny story of two inexperienced teenagers begins.


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