Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Episode 2

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OVA スケベエルフ探訪記 #1 Japanese announcement for an anime adaptation of a work. The anime’s title could be loosely translated as “Lewd Elf Chronicles: A Lovey-dovey Baby-making Life with a Curvy, Big-breasted, Lewd Elf Who’s Ignorant about Sexual Knowledge.” The passage describes the lewd elf as a legendary race that has curvaceous bodies and dresses in sexually suggestive tribal clothing. Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Episode 2 The protagonist, Kaz, a biologist, is on a quest to investigate the legendary lewd elves, based on the words left by his grandfather. Kaz finally encounters Maana, a pure and innocent, curvy, big-breasted lewd elf who knows nothing about sex and dresses in suggestive attire. In the face of Maana’s unwitting temptations, Kaz finally loses patience, and an erotic and sweet child-making life with this innocent but sexually ignorant elf girl begins.

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