Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi 3 Free

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Now investigating a rumor of a man faced dog, he arrives to find out not only is it a “woman faced dog”, but she looks far more human than dog… and she is very gifted upstairs…

“You’re the one who bullied Hanako! I’ll blow you away! One-on-one!”

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The exorcist, Kongo Masurao, visited an eerie abandoned school building in a certain town. A ferocious evil spirit lurked there. The name is Hanako-san in the toilet! Hanako, who was invaded by evil powers and gained a mighty psychic power, was even different from what she used to be!

Big breasts that push up the shirt and are sandwiched between suspenders. The thighs that extend from the red skirt and the big butt that protrudes greatly. Hanako is covered in grudges, but Kongo does not give in. Put the holy power into Ichimotsu and purify the evil spirits with the semen! Alt title: トイレの花子さんVS屈強退魔師


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