Toshoshitsu no Kanojo: Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made 5

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A new chapter in the hit original doujinshi series “Toshoshitsu No Kanojo: Seiso Na Kimi Ga Ochiru Made Episode 5! This time the target is the strong-willed and beautiful female teacher, Ayako Takamine. “I’ll resist this torment… until help arrives…!!” Yukiha, who disappeared from the school due to the nefarious Onikou, tries to be saved by Ayako. However, a phone call from Onikou to Ayako changes everything. Ayako, who accepted the invitation to save Yukiha, is subjected to relentless torment. The jacket illustration is a new piece drawn by Ame Arare! Story: Beautiful female teacher Ayako Takamine is trying to help Yukiha Serizawa and Yuki Aida, who have become non-attendees at school. While she is worried about the lack of progress, her mobile phone vibrates… “Hey, long time no see, teacher” The voice belongs to Onikou, whom she thought was an unremarkable janitor. He extends an unbelievable invitation to come to his house because he is with Yukiha, who is supposed to be a non-attendee. Ayako Takamine, wavering with a sense of justice to save her student despite her suspicions, accepts the invitation. What awaits her is relentless torment from Onikou. Can she save Yukiha without succumbing?

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