Tsugunai – Episode 1

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Studio: PoRO Alternate Title: ツグナヒ ~裏切られる教え子たち~(仮) Release Date: June 24, 2022 Onii-chan … Why didn’t you help me … Half a year since my sister Nana, who was rubbed by men until it became shabby and was dyed cloudy and kept polluted, was ruthlessly thrown onto the road … Finally to revenge Ryoichi, the older brother who was supposed to make the transition, was asking for the opportunity while approaching the target as a teacher Oh, why, what are you doing, stop, the beautiful girls who go to the villa Ryoichi, who unknowingly fixes the door and tailors it as a closed room that can not escape, humiliates Ruriko at the beginning . Ruriko who screams for the first time in pain and fear is mercilessly pushed up … Aoi, Natsuki, Mako, Kanami who run away. Ruriko’s sorrowful cry echoing from her separate room clings to her ears …


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